Clean and crisp, the flavours of the Pacific Rose Apple is ensued by the recognizable taste of Green Grapes and Jasmine Green Tea, making our Rose Apple, Grape & Green Tea a refreshing treat any time of the day! Like many teas, Jasmine Green Tea has high levels of inflammatory and antioxidant properties, helping us maintain a good immune health! It’s fragrant aromas also help with much needed relaxation through the day! 

Rose Apple, Grape & Green Tea Infused Kombucha (750ml)

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  • 750ml 


    Hand Brewed with Filtered Water, Black Tea, Live Kombucha Culture, Organic Cane Sugar, Fresh Pacific Rose Apple, Thompson Seedless Grapes and Jasmine Green Tea.

    Contains traces of alcohol due to natural fermentation. Drink with discretion.


    This is a non-pasteurized product. It is normal to see culture particles settle on the bottom or float in the drink. It is safe to drink, simply give it a swirl before consuming or strain particles out with sift if preferred. 


    Best consumed within 4 weeks from batch date. Keep chilled at all times. Refrain from heat and aggressive shaking due to natural carbonation. 

  • Made in small batches, we currently deliver every Thursday, 4pm to 10pm and Sunday, 2pm to 8pm.

    Due to holiday demands, there is an adjustments to the regular delivery dates. Thursday deliveries on 24th & 31st Dec are moved to 23rd & 30th Dec. Please do order as per usual, adjusted dates are as shown on selection drop down.

    In the instance that we are unable to fulfill your order on your selected date, your order will be placed into the earliest delivery slot possible. Our customer service officer will be in touch with the confirmed date and time of delivery.

    We thank you deeply for your understanding!

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