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Media features of The Good Kombucha! 


“I’ve tried alot (of kombucha), even the really good ones in Canggu(Bali), I think this ranks as the top 2 kombucha I’ve drank in my life. The fizziness and the sweetness, is the right ratio and it packs a punch. When you drink it, it feels like aahh! Shiokk!!”

- Dan, LITO

As featured in one of Singapore’s top podcast The LITO Podcast

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As featured on The Honey Combers



instagram story review

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As featured on Alvinology Media

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Top 5 best local Kombucha brands in Singapore on SGMAGAZINE

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Feature on Expat Choice

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Interview with Men's Folio

Collaboration with

Ribena Singapore

For International Women’s Day 2021, Ribena collaborated with The Good Kombucha to present a limited edition Ribena x The Good Kombucha Hamper.

Specially produced by TGK and sold on TGK website.

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Featured in "Best Kombucha in Singapore 2021"

by The Fun Empire

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