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  • What is Kombucha?
    Kombucha is a refreshing, sparkling and tangy fermented tea drink that’s good for your gut! Foods that undergo a natural fermentation process gain probiotic properties, aiding your digestion and balances your gut health.
  • Why is gut health important? What are the other benefits?
    Your gut houses 70% of the cells that make up your immune system. Maintaining a healthy gut flora will result in a strong and balanced immune system. A healthy gut microbiome improves digestion and helps fend off issues like diarrhea and IBS, allowing your body to function at its best. It also improves the health of intestinal cells, cuts the risk of allergies and chronic diseases. A healthy gut also communicates with the brain through nerves and hormones which helps to maintain improved mood, healthy sleep and overall well-being, resulting in a healthier, happier you!
  • Are there any side effects?
    Only a very small percentage of people might experience what is known as a ‘Healing Crisis’ or Herxheimer Reaction. It occurs when the body starts a detoxifying process as it is flooded with good bacteria and potent detoxifiers, cleaning out certain pathogenic organisms in the body. This experience is typically temporary and the benefits of consuming kombucha increases over time!
  • How should I start drinking kombucha? How often should I drink kombucha?
    We like to drink it first thing in the morning but there is no fixed time to enjoy this delicious beverage! New drinkers should start slow with 50 – 100ml per sitting, before increasing your intake. This is to allow your body to get used to the introduction of the detoxifying probiotics that is kombucha! Consumption of the probiotic rich Kombucha over a period of time helps to keep your body well balanced. Though there is no limit to the amount you can enjoy, we recommend that you have no more than 350ml daily.
  • How should I store Kombucha?
    It's best to keep our kombucha refrigerated as placing it out in our warm climate for prolonged periods strongly re-activates fermentation, resulting in a change in taste and carbonation.
  • How long can I store kombucha for?
    Kombucha does not expire, but will continue to ferment, resulting in a change in taste. ( It will become more sour, think vinegar!) To ensure consistency in taste, we recommend consuming our kombucha within 4 weeks.
  • What are those brown/yellow particles floating/settling at the bottom of my Kombucha?
    Kombucha is a product that is non-pasturized. Those are culture particles and are a natural byproduct of the fermentation process! Filled with living and active cultures, the fermentation process continues even after being bottled thus leaving behind visible culture strands. These are harmless and good to be consumed! Simply shake the bottle before drinking or if you prefer, you may strain the particles out with a sift.
  • Does kombucha contain alcohol?
    Like all fermented food products, kombucha contains trace amounts of alcohol. It contains 0.2% to 1.2% ABV (Alcohol by Volume) and is considered to be non-intoxicating and non dizzying. Comparatively, beer is typically onwards of 4% ABV, wine at 12% and hard liquors at 35% to 50% ABV.
  • Can I drink it as a mixer?
    Yes, alone or with spirits, kombucha is a great choice when entertaining as well as for winding down after a long day!
  • Does kombucha contain caffeine?
    As Kombucha derives from fermenting sweet tea, there will be caffeine present in Kombucha. The natural processes in fermentation break down caffeine, thus reducing the amount that is in the final Kombucha product. With tea as it’s base, it's good to note that unlike coffee, caffeine in tea contains an anxiety reducer called L-Theanine which has a calming effect 30-40mins after ingestion.
  • Can children or pregnant women drink kombucha?
    As kombucha contains a slight alcoholic content (from natural fermentation), caffeine content and is not pasteurized, it may be best to avoid consuming kombucha for pregnant women and growing children. The current recommendation for pregnant ladies is no level of alcohol is safe due to the risk of foetal alcohol syndrome. Also, there are concerns with low level of alcohol in children as their body size is smaller and so, less alcohol is needed to adversely affect them. The pH level of 3 also means it is possbile that it will negatively affect their teeth by causing erosion from prolonged consumption of kombucha To err on the side of caution, we would not recommend it and if otherwise, it is always good to check in with your doctor for further confirmation!
  • Is it possible to deliver to more than 1 addresses for the same order?
    Yes! Please include seperate addresses, receipient names and contact numbers in the comment section before you check out.
  • Can I change my delivery address after an order has been submitted?
    You can drop us an email ( with the amended address and your order number. Please note that change in delivery address should be made at least 3 working days before the delivery date so that we can make the neccesary arrangments.
  • Can I change my delivery date after an order has been submitted?
    If a change in delivery date is required, please update us ASAP! As much as we can, we will try to accomodate the change!
  • How does the Kombucha Subscription work?
    We currently provide 2 Kombucha Subcription plans. The Classic Subscription offers 4x 750ml bottles, split into 2 deliveries. 2 bottles will be delivered to your address every 2 weeks. The Family Subcription offers 6x 750ml bottles, split into 2 deliveries. 3 bottles will be delivered to your address every 2 weeks. The subscription is a recurring monthly payment that will be paid automatically from your credit card every 30 days from the date of the first order. It can be cancelled at any point of time as long as it is before the next payment cycle. To cancel, please contact us by dropping us a whatsapp message or an email at least 3 working days before your next billing date. The first batch of Kombucha flavours for the subscription can be chosen when you make the order. Subsequently, you can request to change out the flavours with our staff. If no requests are made, we will deliver the flavours based on what you have chosen during the first order.
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