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The good


In the midst of practicing the consciousness to take breaks from the stresses of life and maintaining good physical and mental health, we stumbled upon the elixr-esque concoction; Kombucha – the perfect sparkling mood lifter that’s filled with probiotics and great for the gut! 


About 70% of cells contributing to the immune system are found within the gut. A good and balanced bacteria flora within the gut strengthens our immune system, cutting risks of allergies, autoimmune conditions, sleep disturbance and constant fatigue. Kombucha is also rich in antioxidants, improves intestinal health and aids food digestion! 


Refreshing, fizzy and a great substitute to commercial sugary drinks. Kombucha is an enjoyable drink for the morning, post-meal or even a mixer for all occasions, big or small, with friends, family or your very own secret.  

Subscribing to the ethos of maintaining a good physical health, leading to a good social and mental health; we share our little discovery with you. Not a cure-all for the stresses of our modern life but an easy start to creating your own brand of good living with The Good Kombucha.